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DNC - Danish Neuroscience Center


Aarhus University Hospital inaugurated a new laboratory building in 2009. The Danish Neuroscience Center (DNC) completed the triangle of buildings at the topmost end of Aarhus Hospital where the majority of the neurological departments of the university hospital are located. The building is the home of research and innovations within neuroscience in Aarhus, to the benefit of patients and researchers alike.

The vision of the DNC is to allow teams of researchers to interact with patient populations and clinicians to understand the brain and its responses to disease and treatment. With designated space for collaborations with industry, DNC will turn this knowledge into better diagnosic tools and therapies for patients. The Danish Neuroscience Center is modelled on similar institutions in Montreal (Montreal Neurological Institute) and London (Institute of Neurology, Queen Square) that combine patient care and postgraduate education with research.

There are three goals of the activity at DNC. In random order, the first goal is to increase the understanding of brain function under normal and pathological circumstances and to reach relevant results by bringing patients, clinicians, and neuroscientists together. The second goal is to facilitate the translation of neuroscientific findings to clinical practice by direct testing and medical technology evaluation in close collaboration between researchers, clinicians, and industry. The third goal is to prepare future generations of clinician-neuroscientists who use the results of their own research to the benefit of their patients. It is the plan that clinician-neuroscientists continue to devote their efforts equally to research and clinical work after the conclusion of formal research training.

The main task of the DNC is to facilitate research, education, therapy, and innovation in all areas of neuroscience. Education and therapy must be based on an active and progressive research program to fullfil national and international criteria of academic medicine in competition with other national and international programs. In turn, it is necessary that the neuroscience at DNC is treatment-based and –oriented as linked to investigations of the effect and efficiency of specific therapies.

For CFIN, the new laboratory building holds two entire floors of office space and meeting rooms, situated close to collaborating clinical departments and research groups, and adjacent to extended neuroimaging facilities. CFIN is grateful for the vision and ambition of Aarhus University and the Central Denmark Region to invest in tomorrow’s neuroscience and patient management.