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2015.05.26 | Research news

New article in Cerebral Cortex

CNRU researchers Lau Møller Andersen, Michael Pedersen, Kristian Sandberg and Morten Overgaard has just published a new article on "Occipital MEG Activity in the Early Time Range (<300 ms) Predicts Graded Changes in Perceptual Consciousness" in the scientific journal Cerebral Cortex

2015.05.04 | Awards

Second year in a row: Morten Overgaard elected "Young Scientist" in 2015

Professor Morten Overgaard, AU/AAU, head of the Cognitive Neuroscience Research Unit (CNRU) has been recognized by the World Economic Forum with its Young Scientist Award 2015 - for the second year in a row.

2015.04.16 | Research news

Groups prefer equality over the best decision

A new AU article in Danish about the remarkable Interacting Minds Center (IMC) study "Equality bias impairs collective decision-making across cultures", which was recently published in PNAS, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

2015.03.27 | Health and disease

Funding from the Lundbeck Foundation

CFIN affiliated researcher Per Borghammer and Professor David Brooks have received 1.740.234 kr from the Lundbeck Foundation.

2015.02.09 | Knowledge exchange

New book: Consciousness Research

Head of CNRU, Professor Morten Overgaard has edited a new book entitled: Behavioral Methods in Consciousness Research, Oxford University Press (published 26 March 2015).

2015.02.05 | Research news

Funding from the Velux Foundation to Rasmus Aamand

CFIN researcher Rasmus Aamand has just received DKK 2.944.840 from the Velux Foundation for the research project: "Sund aldring med nitrat"

2015.01.19 | People

Funding from DFF (det Frie Forskningsråd) - Sundhed og Sygdom to Morten Overgaard

Head of the Cognitive Neuroscience Research Unit (CNRU) Morten Overgaard has just received DKK 195.840 from DFF - Sundhed og Sygdom

2014.12.18 | Research news

Funding from DFF (Det Frie Forskningsråd) - Samfund og Erhverv to Mads Jensen

Researcher in the Cognitive Neuroscience Research Unit (CNRU) Mads Jensen has just received DKK 1.623.603 from DFF for a postdoc project on "The experience of action in pathological gamblers".

Kira Vibe Jespersen

2014.11.17 | People

Funding from TrygFonden

Kira Vibe Jespersen from the Music In the Brain group has just received DKK 625.000 from TrygFonden for her project "Bedre nat - bedre dag".

2014.10.07 | Research news

New Music In the Brain center

CFIN researcher and head of the Music In the Brain research group, Peter Vuust has just received funding - up to DKK 52 mio - from The Danish National Research Foundation for a new Center of Excellence.

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