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MIB guest talk: Lauren Stewart

Dr. Lauren Stewart from Goldsmiths College, London has just started her 6 months sabattical in Aarhus with the Music In the Brain group, and she will give a guest talk at the weekly MIB Thursday meeting.

2014.04.28 | Henriette Blæsild Vuust

Date Thu 01 May
Time 11:00 12:00
Location CFIN meeting room, 4th floor, AUH, building 10G, Nørrebrogade 44

Lauren Stewart (Goldsmiths):
“Implicit and explicit processing in amusia” 


Abstract: Individuals with congenital amusia have lifelong difficulties in perceiving music; often failing to recognize culturally familiar tunes or to spot salient melodic violations in novel tunes. Much empirical work has used tasks requiring explicit judgments (eg same/different) where conscious access to musical knowledge is required. However, as this presentation will show, implicit methods for probing musical knowledge reveal a surprising level of musical competence. Two studies will be reported. The first uses a statistical learning paradigm to determine whether individuals with amusia can internalize transitional probabilities in a novel musical sequence. The second uses an implicit priming method to assess whether these same individuals can form expectations about how a melody will unfold. The results will be presented in the context of recent work which proposes that congenital amusia should be thought of as a disorder of conscious awareness (to musical knowledge), rather than a disorder of musical perception per se.