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Martin Dietz receives funding from Velux Fonden

Postdoc Martin Dietz has received 2.486.410 DKK from Velux Fonden for the project: “From retina to cortex and back – establishing the role of feedforward and feedback connections in the visual system”

The project will use a combination of MEG, MRI and electro-retinography (ERG) to investigate effective connectivity in the visual brain and address basic questions about how the brain implements sensory perception. This is important for understanding the neuronal abnormalities that lead to visual hallucinations in schizophrenia and visual neglect following stroke.

The project is done in collaboration with the Neuroelectromagnetic Oscillations Group and the Cognitive Neuroscience Research Unit.

THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS are comprised of the two non-profit foundations VILLUM FONDEN and VELUX FONDEN. Among our grant areas are science, environmental, social and cultural purposes in Denmark and abroad. In 2014 the two foundations gave joint donations of approx. 150 million EUR for non-profit purposes. Both foundations were created by Villum Kann Rasmussen - the founder of VELUX and other companies in the VKR Group, whose mission it is to bring daylight, fresh air and a better environment into people’s everyday lives.