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Timo Kvamme awarded Science Award

Timo Kvamme has been awarded a BrainMaster Joe Kamiya First Person Science Award by the Foundation for Neurofeedback and Neuromodulation Research for a study he did during his PhD at CFIN.

The Joe Kamiya First Person Science Award recognizes outstanding contributions in bridging the gap between physiology and first-person phenomenology.

In the article, Timo Kvamme, along with his coauthor Mesud Sarmanlu and supervisor Morten Overgaard, combines first-person interviews from participants who undergo a brain training technique called neurofeedback.

The article is titled: "Doubting the double-blind: Introducing a questionnaire for awareness of experimental purposes in neurofeedback studies." It is published in Consciousness and Cognition

The science award includes a 1000$ prize.

Timo gave a talk about the study during the summer 2023 at Consciousness Club Tokyo, which can be seen here:
Doubting the neurofeedback double-blind by Timo Kvamme - YouTube