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DINEA - Danish Integrative Neuroscience Alliance

A new collaboration between Danish researchers in psychology, neurobiology, neurology, philosophy, and engineering will work on expanding knowledge about the brain. The initiative brings researchers from 3 Danish universities together.

2013.07.01 | Henriette Blæsild Vuust

Picture of Morten Overgaard

DINEA - Danish Integrative Neuroscience Alliance has been initiated and is led by:

  • Professor Morten Overgaard, Aarhus University and Aalborg University
    (responsible for the cognition based research).
  • Professor Jesper Mogensen, Copenhagen University
    (responsible for the neuroscientific research).

The purpose of DINEA is to promote research within cognitive neuroscience in general and research aimed at the development of truly integrative neuroscientific models in particular.

While important progress is constantly made within neuroscientific subdisciplines dealing with narrowly defined neural and/or cognitive subareas, the development of truly integrative models attempting to provide and stimulate a broader understanding of the brain and its mediation of cognitive processes is a rare occurrence. The purpose of DINEA is to encourage such a development of integrative models as well as improving the possibilities of research aimed in such a direction.

DINEA has associated research units at different universities and faculties to strengthen the integrative perspective. Thus, DINEA has access to a wide variety of experimental equipment and different areas of academic and clinical expertise.

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