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Elective courses at SDC Neuroscience & Neuroimaging

One of the Elective courses at SDC Neuroscience & Neuroimaging is now open for PhD-students.

The course runs June 3-21, exams June 24-26, 2024.

Students must fulfill the prerequisites listed in the course description.

Location: SDC Building, Yanqihu, Beijing, China

Language: English. Please send application to Vibeke Panyella: vibekepanyella@cfin.au.dk

Deadline April 1, 2024

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Advanced Neuroscience (5 ECTS)


The objective of this course is to provide the student with a broad knowledge of current approaches for the study of neural function and behavior.

The student should get an understanding of information processing in synapses, neurons and microcircuits; understand the experimental approaches used in analyzing the neurophysiological basis of behavior in intact animals, and understand the use of animal models in the study of neurological disease. The course includes a wide variety of animal model systems used in neuroscience research, and techniques for genetic manipulation in both invertebrate (e.g. C. elegans, Drosophila) and vertebrate models. The students should be able to critically read and present the current literature, and discuss the function and structure of neuronal circuits in relation to animal behavior. This course provides an up-to-date knowledge of the neural basis for indirect measurements of global brain function such as PET and fMRI. As such, it provides insights useful when designing and interpreting experiments in human brain scanning studies. The course provides examples of genetics, signal processing, neural modelling and physiology used in the study of neural function in health and disease.


Knowledge and understanding of basic neurobiology, physics, mathematics and signal processing, and electrophysiological and optical imaging methods, commensurate with a level at or above that which is the objective of the basic 1st. and 2nd.semester courses in neuroscience and neuroimaging. English language proficiency.

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