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d-PFG 5-design: 
Matlab function to output pairs of diffusion directions for isotropic sampling of double PFG, as described in Jespersen et al., NMR in Biomedicine 2013.

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Matlab scripts to computer kurtosis metrics from reduced diffusion kurtosis imaging data sets (MRI). Metrics include mean kurtosis, radial, and axial kurtosis, and the methods are described in Hansen, Shemesh, and Jespersen NeuroImage 2016 (in press). Includes scripts for axially symmetric DKI, which allows to parametrically constrain the kurtosis tensor to be positive definite. Please cite the above publication if these scripts are used in other publications. In case of problems, please write sune@cfin.au.dk. For updated files see https://github.com/sunenj/Fast-DKI.    

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